Our Idea…Give us your feedback


Imagine this.  You arrive at South Station or Ruggles Square or City Hall Plaza or a dozen venues across the city.  There is a giant electronic screen strategically placed with a question or a problem lighting up the board.

Everyone is invited to share their experiences and their solutions in real time. All you have to do is send a text message from your mobile phone or the phone next to you.  The posting comes up on all the screens across the city simultaneously. 

Ideas fly and are shot down or elaborated. Solutions are offered to a posed social problem–How can we make housing affordable? How can we make Boston a green city? Why are people rude on the T? 

Behind the electronic curtain, our Wizard of Oz team monitors the postings.  Maybe once a week or so, they pick some of the most innovative thoughts and throw them out again for the next round of public conversation. We might even ask Bostonians to pick and choose the best three or four or eight solutions. 

We could go to the next stage and even arrange a brain-storming event or meet-up:  Green Boston meet on the Greenway Saturday at 3 p.m.?  T-warriors get together for an anti-rude happening? The goal is to get a buzz, to harvest the lush crop of ideas, to stimulate a new form and new medium for a public conversation. And to get Boston solving common problems on common ground.


2 Responses to Our Idea…Give us your feedback

  1. Here are a few questions…We’d appreciate your thoughts…

    HOW TO…

    Incorporate handicap accessibility?
    Monetize it and not lose value?
    How do we engage people of color?
    How do we avoid chaos?
    How to identify an entrepreneur who will back this?
    How to include public safety (don’t want weirdos following you home)?
    Censorship vs free speech?
    How to engage non English speakers/ texters?
    Chatrooms- obscenity plus triviality- people can’t text fast enough?
    How do we define “public?”
    How to avoid another electronic distraction?
    How to define focus and goal- is it on issues?
    How to avoid rumor ad crisis- can create a lot of scare…?
    How to control age demographics? What ages will participate?
    Politicians won’t like it- how do we get them on board?
    How to get younger generation on board?
    How to keep it from getting banal?
    How do we choose topics and where is info stored?

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