What’s Up Boston?

Task: To create a city-wide daily bump and connect opportunity for ALL Bostonians 

As published in the 2006 report Innovate Boston!, the Boston History & Innovation Collaborative’s recent research has uncovered several drivers of Boston’s incredible four-century long ability to regenerate in the midst of economic decline.

One such driver, coined as “the bump rate,” encompasses the phenomenon of innovation spurred by people “bumping” into one another in unlikely venues.   For a variety of reasons this phenomenon seems to play a particularly significant role in Boston’s history of innovation; BHIC and the “What’s Up Boston?’ task force are dedicated to finding a way to promote and sustain this trend.

 In the city’s busiest public places, the places with the most potential for bumping and connecting, individuals use their electronic devices as a medium to disconnect (iPods, cellphones, blackberrys).  Is there a way to channel these people through their devices? 


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